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If you would like to discuss your program needs

or want to volunteer, please contact us:

Down By The Creek Companion Animal Sanctuary

Attn: Debbie Wallace

PO Box 177

Long Grove, IA 52756

Phone: 563-340-6943


Down By the Creek does not take in wildlife rescues. Here are several resources to contact if you come across a wild animal in distress:

Jeff Harris (DNR) - 563-349-9418

Luke (new raptor center) - 319-430-7522


Baby rabbit rehab - Dianne Bergeson 370-5213

Birds and bats - Vera Blevins 563-355-7831

Deer - Lynn Jones 563-289-3226

Deer - Susan Leander 563-289-4676

Deer - Dr. Schares 319-342-3808

Most wildlife - Jessica Winkler 563-391-2359 or 563-210-6094

Rabbits and squirrels - Julie Good 563-528-4493


Birds - Sue Allison 309-762-7719

Birds - Ann Sullivan 309-794-9650

Ducks - Heather Martin 309-514-0144

Most wildlife - Brenda Moffitt 309-236-5438

Rescue something,

and rescue yourself in the process.

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